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Renaldo and the Loaf - Songs For Swinging Larvae (1981)

Videographer Graeme Whifler directed several music videos for some of the Ralph Records stable of artists in the late 1970s and early '80s, including The Residents, Snakefinger, MX-80 Sound and Tuxedomoon, and then a few for some other musical acts beyond Ralph, before eventually working as a screenwriter and director in film and TV.

'Songs For Swinging Larvae' is perhaps the most striking of his Ralph works.
The video actually incorporates three tracks from the first Ralph album by the mysterious English duo, Renaldo and the Loaf;
'Spratts Medium', 'Lime Jelly Grass' and 'Melvyn's Repose' (which was only included on later CD editions of the 'Songs For Swinging Larvae' album - - though recorded in the period of the other tracks, it appeared originally on a Ralph Records rarity and B-side compilation LP, 'Frank Johnson's Favorites').

- For a trove of info regarding the production of the video, the cast and the basis of the story behind it, click over to an entry at
Pop Musicology.

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