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Ouch! It's The Snuz Brothers!

'The Snuz Brothers' are a series of "Alternative Physical Comedy" shorts once featured on the (now defunct) Super Deluxe.Com, an adjunct of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

Created by comic performers Eric Hoffman and Jay Johnston, the misadventures of the quarrelsome German brothers both perpetuate and satirize the timeless art of slapstick humor in films. See for yourself below...

- Eric Hoffman was a writer for HBO's Mr. Show & co-wrote McSweeney's Comedy by the Numbers.

- Jay Johnston was seen on Mr. Show and is most often recognized as 'Officer Jay' on The Sarah Silverman Program.
He is also a co-creator of the stop-motion animation series
Moral Orel and the upcoming Mary Shelley's Frankenhole, airing on Adult Swim.

- Click on these two 'movie posters' to watch more of The Snuz Brothers, or visit the Snuz Brothers' Channel on YouTube, and the Snuz Brothers' MySpace page.

- Follow this link to an interview with Jay Johnston regarding The Snuz Brothers and his thoughts on physical comedy.


Anonymous said...

Shelley is awesome for knowing about them

The In Crowd said...

That's not the only reason Shelley has always been awesome...