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In 1967, 'American Bandstand' teens react to changes in The Beatles' sound

By 1967, The Beatles were in the habit of using promotional film clips of their new songs that could stand in for them in lieu of personal appearances on TV.

The look of these musical shorts reflected the changes occurring in the sound and sensibilities of the fabs.
For better or worse, they were no longer the 'lovable moptops'.

Below, ▼ 'Strawberry Fields Forever'.

On March 11th, 1967, The Beatles won three Grammy awards, for the songs 'Eleanor Rigby', 'Michelle', and their LP 'Revolver'.

Meanwhile, they'd been in the studio recording tracks for their
'Sgt. Pepper' album that would be released later that year.

Also on March 11th, 1967, the 'Strawberry Fields' short was shown
(in black & white) on ABC's 'American Bandstand', along with their 'Penny Lane' promo.

Below, ▼ AB host Dick Clark sits in a Los Angeles TV studio and polls his teenage audience for their candid reactions to the latest from
The Beatles, and that's exactly what he gets...

Below, ▼ 'Penny Lane'.

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