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Michael Palin & Terry Jones: 'The Complete & Utter History Of Britain' (1969)

'The Complete & Utter History Of Britain' was a short-lived British TV series created by Michael Palin and Terry Jones,
a few months prior to the formation of
Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Six episodes aired in early 1969, between Palin & Jones' appearances in the first and second seasons of 'Do Not Adjust Your Set'.

It has long been believed that no video from the series still existed, but some has resurfaced in recent years.

Below, ▼ the first episode, from January 12th, 1969 - - sadly, missing the first 2 minutes of the program...

(the embedded video is in a 'playlist' format, and should play continually through three parts)

The premise for the series was to present events from history as if television had existed at the time.

Though the results were often uneven, many elements used here by history buffs Palin & Jones would resurface time and again in various Python projects.

Below, ▼ episode 2, from January 19th, 1969

(again, the embedded 'playlist' should play continually
through three parts)

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