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'Posh Nosh' (2003)

A brilliant parody of TV cooking shows,
'Posh Nosh' first ran in the U.K. on BBC2 in eight 9-minute episodes back in 2003, and has since shown up intermittently on various PBS stations in the U.S.

Richard E. Grant and Arabella Weir portray the hosts, restaurateurs Simon and Minty Marchmont, owners of 'The Quill & Tassel',
all too self-satisfied in their quest to "bring extraordinary food to ordinary people".

Learn to relax an avocado, bamboozle a parsnip, shave a fennel and too much more...

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Episode 1: Architect's Fish and Chips ▲ (above)
Episode 2: Birthday Parties
Episode 3: Paella
Episode 4: Beautiful Food
Episode 5: Bread and Butter Pudding
Episode 6: Leftovers
Episode 7: Sauces ▼ (below)
Episode 8: Comfort Food

See also: The (archived) official BBC website, where Simon & Minty present:
- Food Philosophy
- Interviews
- Recipes
- Wallpapers and more.

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